Who's Jonathan Troen

Jonathan Troen is a Life Mastery Coach, and co-founder of Austin Yoga Tree and the Life Mastery Collective. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Perfectly Here.

His mission:

To help people find the joy inside of themselves.

Jonathan spent 20+ years in the music and entertainment business. He was living the life of his dreams, meeting the biggest stars in the world, except he wasn't very happy. He couldn't figure why.

Following a surgery that came with complications, he began his yoga practice to rehabilitate himself. He quickly discovered that while yoga had a dramatic effect on his body and physical well-being, it had an even more dramatic effect on his mind and mental well-being.

While yoga opened the door to a new way of living, there was still more research to be done. Jonathan began studying people–how people lived, why they did what they did, what they really wanted from life, and how they defined success.

His studies brought him to one conclusion: most of us are mean to ourselves, and all we really want is to be loved. We think we are not enough, and believe if we work hard enough, we will be enough, and then we can be happy and be loved. He also discovered that when we seek love from outside of us, it is fleeting. The only lasting love comes from inside of us. And since we haven't been taught to love ourselves, this creates a problem, for us as individuals and as a society.

Once he made this discovery, he started practicing Self Love on himself. It was difficult at first, but he continued to practice. And then began teaching and sharing with others.

Jonathan created the Self Love Revolution specifically to share the methodology he created after 15 years of research and practice.

Jonathan's belief: We all deserve success. We all deserve to be loved. And we all deserve to be treated kindly, especially by ourselves.

True Stories From Real People

I was never aware of all the negative self talk that I was saying everyday. I’ve started to see there’s joy inside of me that I can let out to the world, rather than looking for the world to bring joy to me.


I’ve seen my life increase as far as positivity goes. I know that my interactions with others have increased for the better…. to love yourself, to be yourself, to better yourself.


LULU Barber

He’ll see what can help and just show it to you in such a way that you always knew it was there, but then it’s like an awareness came to you. he brings that forward.


CINDY Hollis

The Masterclass

Are ready for radical transformation? Are you ready to do the work? More love, more money, more fun. It's all coming your way!


Personal Coaching

If you are looking for more to move forward in a more structured way, working on your personal goals and personal blocks, you may want to work 1-1 for a period of time.

The Live Event

An all day festival of self love. Listen to speakers, learn the tools, and join with a like-minded community to support you.